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Erotica for Women

Erotica for women can have several definitions. You could look at it broadly and say it's anything sexual designed to appeal to a female audience.

It can can be a romance novel with raunchy description of intimate trysts. It can be a sexy story written by a well known writer, detailing women's experiences of sex. It can be a TV show that teases and titillates the viewer with glimpses of flesh and hints of sexuality. It can be a magazine, blatantly sexy or disguised as a fashion guide.

More specifically, erotica for women can also be an explicit adult film such as those made by Erika Lust or Candida Royalle, or it can be an adult site such as those recommended here. It can be pictures of naked men, sometimes with erect penises, sometimes not. It can be videos of heterosexual couples having sex, with a focus on HER pleasure. It can be lesbian and queer erotica, explicit or otherwise. It can be gay porn. It can be fetish material which promotes a female perspective. It can even be the most intense form of BDSM or hardcore rough sex, so long as its consensual and depicted in a female-friendly context.

It's also an ever-growing category of well-written books and short stories.

The point is, women's erotica has many forms, ranging from subtle and soft to hardcore and sexually diverse. The main point is that it caters to women.

Whatever it's form, it's a source of good in the world. While some anti-porn feminists may dismiss women's erotica as "giving in to the patriarchy", the fact is that sexual material created for women by women is an empowering thing. It expresses our view of sexuality, it provides a counterpoint to mainstream pornography, which so often promotes a male perspective as normal.

This site seeks to offer women a chance to explore the world of online erotica for women, to see what sites are available for them to explore, and to find what kind of erotic content arouses them. Be it naked men, erotic fiction, couples, fetish or lesbian, we hope you can find an aspect of women's erotica that satisfies you. 


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